Sunday, March 11, 2007

This was the very first Wal*Mart 'Super Center'

Now it's just a big empty building. Odd to think of something that big as being obsolete.

The new Wal*Mart is about a mile away. Yes, you can see a truck in the McDonald's drive-thru in my rear view mirror.

The rest of the building is in the photo below.


Metal Mark said...

We had a Lowes move out years ago, I think because of the rent. That place set empty for about five years before it finally got turned into a strip mall. A place across from where I work was once a Food Lion and they went out of business in '97. It just got turned into a Senior Center this past fall.

moni said...

So strange. We have several very large buildings that have been empty for a few years now, so the city and county are either renovating them or tearing them down to make more judicial buildings. I mean, the city and county are growing but the business sector is what???

Bruce said...

We have a bunch of those buildings, too; most notably the old Lowe's(they moved to a bigger, better building) and the Winn-Dixie grocery store building. There's also an old shopping center that has lost almost all of it's businesses over the last 10-15 years, but is sitting there about 80% empty. The local business sector is, more and more, moving to the outer edges of town, so the businesses that are still in the old places are suffering big time.

Jim said...

mm -- wow, I never heard of a Lowes moving -- to a bigger building???

moni -- the growth in government since WWII has been mostly state and local -- the federal government has grown (except for a decline in size when Carter was president) but local and state government growth has been explosive

Jim said...

bruce -- wow, another Lowes on the move -- I had thought they had that single size and that's what why built from Day 1 -- we have a Lowes and Home Depot back to back

That empty Wal*Mart in the photo was actually a replacement for what was at that time a regular size Wal*Mart, that building is now an Orscheln Farm & Home (a kind of really big general store).