Sunday, March 18, 2007

I hate switching times twice a year!

Why not just split the difference and move the clocks 30 minutes ahead and just leave them that way year 'round?

But Jimbo, you say, that would cause confusion!

Nonsense, lots of places are 1/2 hour off of "standard time" as measured from Greenwich, England. A list of places 30 and 45 minutes off is listed below. In addition, many places use their own "local times" that are not officially recognized.

Newfoundland and parts of Labrador, Canada 30 min
Australia (parts) 30 min
Indian 30 min
Sri Lanka 30 min
Iran 30 min
Afghanistan 30 min
Myanmar (Burma) 30 min
Changbai or Jangbaek Mountains between China and North Korea 30 min
Chatham Islands of New Zealand 45 min
Nepal 45 min


Metal Mark said...

I love turning the clocks back in the fall, but not turning them forward in the Spring. I would rather just split the difference and have to deal with that in the spring.

moni said...

I love DST, but would prefer to have it year-round. Enjoy the longer days, shorter nights. For me, one of the worst things about winter other than cold weather, is the short days and long, cold, nights.

Pixie said...

I agree, I hate the thought of being robbed of an hours sleep when they go forward.

Jim said...

mm -- I don't want to deal with ti ever!!!!!!!!!

moni -- you live in NM, how could could it get?????? :)

pix -- I think you dun been robbed, you get an extra hour in the Fall, or maybe I'm wrong