Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What is it?

It's in my house.
It's not an Indian attack.


David Amulet said...

I'll guess ... a message from beyond the stars.

I'm feeling waaaay sci-fi tonight.

-- david

angel, jr. said...

An optical illusion?

sleepyrn said...

I can't even tell if it's one picture or two shots side-by-side.

Metal Mark said...

It's hurting my eyes to look at it. That's what it is.

Jim said...

lol -- I know the photo is not good -- I had a security system installed in the house yesterday, they pull wires through walls by sticking thinks that look just like fishing poles into the walls -- the two feet or so that they leave sticking out made the whole house look like someone had used it for bow & arrow target practice