Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dun did no good

Moni suggested in a comment to a recent post that I should submit a picture of a pretty gazebo to the Lake Board.

The photo above is the same photo that was included with my original application to the Board (along with a site plan). It is the actual gazebo that I planned to have constructed since the photo is from the web page of the company from which I was going to order the pre-assembled kit.

Oddly enough, the setting is almost exactly the same since the gazebo would have been on my vacant lot, which has about the same arrangement of trees. The distance from the lake, and the height above the lake, are also almost exactly the same. The only difference is that the lake is wider than what appears in the photo to be a river.

That's what they turned down.

And, yes, I'm filing suit.


The Phoenix said...

Filing suit?

Right on brother!

moni said...

Good, that will teach them not to mess with an attorney! What's the matter with those people??

Jim said...

foenix -- fired lawyer #1, just hired lawyer #2

Moni -- it's a foolish doctor who treats himself, or whatever that old saying is!!! :)

Anonymous said...

It's your right! I have a CLOTHESLINE in my backyard, no one even notices. Gazebo it must be. I only hope for the freedoms to be in your dwelling as it is in mine. I have 3 acres and can be naked in my front yard (if needed), and no one can see. Everyone who pays a mile high mortgage should be able to do so. Don't most people pay insurance for this? You should stand in your backyard as the king naked; see what the neighbors say about that! Love the blog. Interesting observation.

Jim said...

Anonymous -- LOL -- there is a company in town that sells life size classical statutes, I have thought that the neighbor might enjoy looking at Michelangelo's David's naked butte for the next 30 years