Friday, February 23, 2007

My keyring has gone completely out of control...

What are these things, A, B, C, and D?
Any guesses?
One is easy, one is hard.


sleepyrn said...

And, by the way, I would like to thank you for keeping me entertained. I have been home sick since Wed and looking at about four more days of the same.

So if you could keep the new posts coming I sure would appreciate it.

sleepyrn said...

Okay the above comment was supposed to be my second comment which is why it begins with "and, by the way..." The first, in which I venture to guess the identities of the things on your key ring got lost in cyberspace. So to attempt again:

A: No clue

B: the remote for your Toyota

C: the remote for your satelite radio?

D: some kind of tool thingy

My only question is where is the bottle opener and/or cork screw?

Jim said...

sorry sick, better soon hope!

Jim said...

sleep -- 1 out of 4 -- D is a tool but we need something more specific since Carson Daly is also a tool but he's not on my keyring

Pixie said...

Garage door ?
Lock deicer tool ?
Lost key locator ?

I give up.

Jim said...

pix -- yep one is for car doors and one is for garage door -- I did have a lost key detector (key, remote, flashlight, spare keys) but the batteries in the controller and/or in each unit were always dead (each unit was round and about the size of an Oreo).

sleepyrn said...

Okay, B is definitely for the car.

A: the garage door opener? (I lost mine, got any extra?)

And I like the idea of D being a de-icing tool but you didn't give pixie credit for that so maybe not.

C: the buttons read "on" "start" "off". the blue one is either worn off or illegible. It has to be to some electronic device.

Jim said...

sleep --

A is the garage door opener, the middle button opens the garage door, the left button turns the opener light on and off independently while the right one turn a table lamp in the house on and off -- you win one!

[you can order a new opener from the manu website or Lowes and Home Depot have them]

B is the car, that's the easy one!

D shoots hot boiling liquid into the door locks!!!!! nope, you are both wrong on that one

Three of the buttons on C are labeled ON, OFF, and STAY -- the fourth button has no label and I don't know what it does.

sleepyrn said...

Okay - it's time to come clean.

Remember, I am stuck at home, bored and in need of entertainment.

Pixie said...

You dont have Rooty on remote controlled do you ?:\

Jim said...

A is the garage door opener.

B is the remote for the car doors.

C is for the security system in the house, I don't know what 'Stay' does I haven't gotten that far in the manual.

D is for car emergencies -- that kind of green part pulls out and reveals a knife that can be used to cut a seat belt; the silver point you press against a side window and it shatters the window -- both of these features are for getting someone out of a car quickly or for getting out of a car that is underwater -- it also has a flashlight and a red laser flasher -- before any one asks, even if a car is only submerged in water up to it's roof, it is impossible to open the windows or doors because the pressure of the water is so great -- you also cannot kick out a window because they are made to withstand impact -- like all tempered glass, however, they will shatter if tapped with something metalic

Pixie said...

Thank God I can sleep at night now...