Monday, February 05, 2007

This is so sad, and maybe just a little funny:

St. Louis, Monday, February 5, 2007

Four St. Louis firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation at a local hospital after their fire truck caught fire inside their fire house.

Since the all firefighting equipment was on the, you know, burning fire truck, the firefighters had to use fire extinguishers and a garden hose to put out the flames.

The four firemen suffered smoke inhalation because, you know, their breathing equipment was also on the burning truck.

The firehouse itself wasn't damaged and a replacement fire truck is on call.


Scott said...

Did they figure out what caused the fire on the fire engine?

Jim said...

Scott -- it started in the engine, they had been on a call earlier, three had gone to bed with on awake who smelled smoke -- no mention has been made about smoke detectors

Jim said...

let me add this:

several years ago I was driving on the circle drive on campus, in a fairly isolated area -- I noticed a car ahead parked just off the roadway -- as I drove by I could see just a little smoke coming out of the dash -- by the time I stopped, there was a blowtorch size flame shooting out of the dash -- I dialed the university police as I ran to the car to make sure no one was inside, by the time I got there the entire dash was aflame -- by the time the cops got there the entire car was burning -- it was totally gone by the time the fire truck got there, it all happened that fast from an engine fire --

an odd footnote: the car belonged to a student in one of my classes, I left before he got back to the car (he had run to the nearest building to get help, a considerable distance) -- the next day in class when I was collecting homework he raised his hand and said his homework had been destroyed, I told him not to worry that he had the best excuse EVER