Sunday, January 07, 2007

Its'called overcompensating

Came out of grocery store.
Got in my car.
Looked out windshield.
This was not an optical illusion -- the bumper on that damn thing is as high as my hood.


Pixie said...

Dam, I find these monster trucks a little intimidating..

Amy in StL said...

I ran into this all the time in The South. I guess the effect was exacerbated by the fact I drive a Firehawk.

Anonymous said...

Big car/truck usually means small penis. I didn't make the rule, just tell you!

The Phoenix said...

The person probably needs a ladder to get into that tank.

Metal Mark said...

A person certainly needs a truck like that. In case a trashcan is in the road then they can simply run over it rather than having to go around it. Certainly well worth the money they paid or are likely paying and paying for it.