Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I want my school tax money back. Part 243

Rooty and I just went to McDonald's for lunch. I asked the 20-something guy at the pay-window if Crystal was there. She is the manager and a good friend. He said he didn't know and then turned and hollered into the store "Crystal she ain't here is she?"


sleepyrn said...

Don't get me started on the grammar and/or vocabulary of the recently educated (uneducated). As if "fixin' to" (meaning "Just about to" as in "I am fixin' to go to the store.") and lack of possessives (as in the infamous "who the baby daddy?)aren't bad enough, the people with whom I work do not have the words "do not" or even "don't" in their vocabulary. Everything is "ain't". In your example of looking for Crystal the guy at the window would have answered "I ain't know."

I wish I could ask these coworkers how their children write in school and if they write as they talk do the teachers accept it or correct it. Alas, I think that is probably a question I ain't gonna ask.
the teachers accept it -- the new rule is "if it successfully communicates" then it's okay -- I suggested a return to diagramming sentences and was almost beat senseless

sleepyrn said...

Diagramming sentences AND memorization of multiplication tables. My daughter (the 9 year old mother of my grandson) is about to graduate with a degree in elem ed. She tried to explain that memorization is out and is replaced by pairing and grouping.
An example: 7x8. 7x5 is easy and 7x3 is easy. Do those sums and then add them together for the answer to 7x8.
It seems a hell of a lot easier to just memorize the multiplication table like everyone has done for a million years.
the name of the game appears to be to develop their brains as little as possible so they don't ask any serious question