Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Canada! Healthy Climate! Free Schools! Rising Dphthongs!

Canadians apparently celebrate Christmas and News Years, like Thanksgiving, at different times than the rest of us. I'm not sure when their Christmas is but my calendar says this is their New Year's Eve. So to Ken of Toronto and our other Canadian friends "Happy New Year" and a Prosperous 2007" or whatever year it's going to be up there! I have been buying insulated clothes and learning their language for my trip up there in the Spring. Here is a site that has been a lot of help!
Happy New Year, eh?
(Translation: "happy new year, isn't it?")


Anonymous said...

Waiiit a minute....when I was in Toronto it wasn't clothing optional...I've been jipped! I've been hosed!

My friend and I periodically will have a contest to see how many people we can name that are from Christmas. Fortunately for him, he's quite versed in Hockey so he always wins.
LOL, I think she means " how many people we can name that are from Canada"

Anonymous said...

D'oh, apparently I have Christmas on the brain!!