Friday, September 09, 2005

This weeks' most recorded shows using TIVO

Desperate Housewives -- crime in the surburbs
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation -- crime in Vegas
Lost -- crime on an island
Oprah Winfrey -- crime against testosterone
The Apprentice -- every guy you hated in high school
CSI: Miami -- crime in the sun
Family Guy -- cartoon, never seen it
ER -- the fading glory of NBC
The West Wing -- replaced Saved By the Bell on 10 cable channels
Grey's Anatomy -- never heard of it
Medium -- never heard of it
Law & Order -- great!
House -- ER with stubble
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit -- sex crimes
Big Brother -- variation on Real World
The O.C. -- kewl
Alias -- yet another CIA agent/graduate student show
CSI: NY -- crime in New York
Without a Trace -- crime, about missing persons
Rescue Me -- never heard of it
Will & Grace -- same script every week for seven years
Las Vegas -- more crime in Vegas
Over There -- good, will probably get better
The Simpsons -- string of inside jokes
Numb3rs -- crime and high school math

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