Monday, September 05, 2005

Is Somebody Bugging You Bad...

...then you need to visit! All of the wonderful ways you can use it to generate insults are listed below. Some are PG, but others are R or X, so insulter discretion is advised.

Click GENERATORS and your get:

++Message Board flames randomly generated -- these are long and would make great hate letters (not that I'm suggesting that). PG

++Stylish insults randomly generated -- short, really funny insults. PG
"You are a wickedly maladjusted dullard and a demented, sock-sucking plague of sighing and grief."

++A random insulting quotation from Shakespeare or a randomly generated insult in his unique style. PG

++Slang-style insults randomly generated -- short, funny insults, but R or X-Rated.

++Problem Solver -- Instantly solves all of your problems! -- Funny

There is also:

Swearsaurus -- How to insult, swear, cuss, and curse in 165 languages!

Insult Slang -- A Dictionary of Offensive & Insulting Slang (English).

Insult Jikes -- Thousands of insulting, offensive and tasteless jokes...

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