Friday, September 16, 2005

Air Mail, Express Mail, Priority Mail, Boomerang Mail

I am not sure that I can adequately explain this.

There was a letter in my mailbox on Monday that was addressed to someone else. Rather than hunt all over town for the house where it was supposed to go, I wrote “delivered to wrong address” on it and dropped it in the outside mailbox at the Post Office.

The mail from the local Post Office is picked up and taken to St. Louis for Zip Code sorting. So the letter went across the river on Monday evening. Tuesday afternoon, it was back in my mailbox.

So this time I gave in and did a Yahoo map of the correct address and Rooty and I headed across town. No one was home so I left the letter in the mailbox at that house. Can you see this one coming?

I guess the carrier on that route was there after I was, figured it was outgoing mail, and put it in the bin for transport to the Zip Code facility in St. Louis. So, once again, the letter crossed the river to Missouri.

Thursday afternoon it was back in my mailbox.

It’s on the dash of my car now.

I have no Plan C.

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