Thursday, September 08, 2005

Theology in a parking lot

Bumper sticker on a car at the convenience store: “Amateurs Built The Ark, Professionals Built The Titanic.” I have been trying to figure out what that means.

The car had many bumper stickers. Most were religious. But kind of nasty religious. The “I am going to heaven but you are not” kind.

If “Amateurs Built The Ark, Professionals Built The Titanic” is meant to be religious or nasty religious I do not get it. “Jews Built The Ark, Gentiles Built The Titanic” would also be true. As would “Middle Easterners Built The Ark, White Anglo-Saxons Protestants Built The Titanic.”

“Noah Built The Ark, J.P. Morgan Built The Titanic” is another possibility.

“People Expecting Rain Built The Ark, People Expecting Fine Dining Built The Titanic.”

“The Ark Was Built To Save The Human Race, The Titanic Was Built To Save Leonardo DiCaprio’s career.”

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