Friday, July 10, 2009

Well. it seemed like a good idea!

I saw a TV spot for Shake 'n Pour.
I like pancakes.
I looked in the refrigerated coolers at the store. Nope.
So I looked in the freezer aisle. Nope.
So I looked in the pancake-mix aisle. Victory.
I didn't read the instructions until I got home.
It is not a liquid like the TV commercial.
There is dry pancake powder in the bottom that goes up to just below the top of the blue Bisquick logo.
The rest of the bottle is air.
That's right, I essentially bought air.
The pancake mix that is in the bottom of the bottle is the same stuff in the much cheaper boxes of pancake mix on the same shelf.
That's right, I essentially bought air.
To get actual pancake batter, you have to add water, just like you do to make pancakes using the mix from the much cheaper boxes.
I don't add water. That would be cooking!
I don't cook!
I also do not do ironing or windows.
If I did cook, however, it would be just as easy -- and much cheaper -- to use a bowl and a spoon to make the pancake batter.
A one-time-use pancake batter-mixer jug thing -- call the landfills and tell them to expand!


moni said...

What a ripoff! I love to cook Jim. Too bad that I am not your neighbor, I would bring you goodies all the time, you know, like gals did for Hemmingway, lol

stan said...

If the label fell off, it'd look like a wide mouth orange juice container. Imagine your disapponiment if you thought it was o.j. "this stuff tastes like &@$@& powdered bread!!!!"