Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Oh waiter, there's a baby in my soup!


sleepyrn said...

Was there a particular reason these babies were sitting in buckets? Or was it just random baby dunking? Bobbing for babies?

moni said...

What a cute idea for a photo op! Babies seem to like it. Keeping them cool.;)

Jim said...

sleep & moni -- I believe the photo is from the Today Show, a segment on European Style Baby Tubs.

The idea is that it is womb shaped which soothes the baby and forces him or her into a fetal position. It is said to be especially helpful with babies with colic. It also appears safer because the baby cannot fall backwards.

At $50, the are pricey.

It is just me or are those babies fat?

moni said...

All babies are fat. ;)