Saturday, July 25, 2009

The natives are just goofy!

Stopped at roadside stand to buy tomatoes and straw.

Big sign said "Corn, Tomatoes, Straw."

Had corn, didn't need more.

JIM: "I'd like these tomatoes and a bale of straw."

FARM PUNK: "I don't think we got straw."

JIM: "The sign says 'Straw'."

FARM PUNK: "I don't think we got straw."

I took his repeated answer to mean "I don't know if we have any straw but I will check."

He meant what he said, however, he didn't know and he didn't plan to find out.

My theory has always been that the ancestors of the locals headed west like everyone else, but unlike everyone else they couldn't figure out how to get across the Mississippi River. And then they inbred, and don't know if they have straw.


stan said...

Did you happen to notice any unadvertised red berries for sale, you know, STRAWberries? :)

moni said...

The young man was just lazy. I run into that same phenom here in Deming. You just have to assert yourself, "would you please go check for me, I will wait". The inbreds have spread across the USA.