Thursday, February 05, 2009

Today is mine birthday!

Except for cake, I don't make much over it.

I am going to spend most of the day trying to rationalize why yesterday's car accident was not my fault. This will not be easy since I did hit the other car. Fortunately, I was going very slow (less than 5 mph). If I had not heard the thump, I would not have know I hit the other guy. My airbags did not deploy, which is good. On the other hand, the sensors that are supposed to squeal when I'm about to hit something did not squeal, which is bad. They scream every time I get within 12 feet of the trash can so I do not know why they were silent. The thump did not even wake the dogs and no one was hurt.

I did not get a ticket, but it did crack my bumper.


moni said...


I know you like cake, so hope that you have a yummy one.

I am at the age when I shop for myself and floyd buys his own cake, lol.

sleepyrn said...

Happy Birthday. Hope it's happy and healthy - eat more cake.