Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rooty starts chemo again tomorrow (Friday).

Four of Rooty's lymph nodes have swollen again and the pathology shows that the cancer is back.

1. Rooty loves going to the vet, really, really love it.

2. There are no abnormal cells in his blood, a very good sign.

3. Not all lymph nodes are involved, also a very good sign.

He begins a "Rescue Protocol" -- that sounds terrible but it just means that we switch to different drugs.

Almost 100% of dogs with lymphoma have a recurrence after a period of remission -- because they do not try to cure the cancer in dogs, just send it into remission.

He looks fine, he feels fine, and he's playful. He exhibits no symptoms of the disease.

Let me repeat. He LOVES going to the vet (or we would not be doing this).

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