Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I feel blue

My tooth that chipped -- see Monday -- is infected. It chipped because it's dead, way deep inside my gum. The pain is mind-numbing and the codeine the dentist gave me Tuesday afternoon is not even touching it! My face is all swollen and, yes, I know four file drawers are open. I don't know why, probably the codeine.


Amy in StL said...

Dude! I hope the extraction is soon because that sucks.

moni said...

I'm so sorry Jim. However, you are probably luckier than some in my part of the world. The Mayor of a tiny town on the border, went to a dentist across the border for a root canal. Two masked men entered the clinic, they had Tech 9s and pointed them at the dentist and said "give us all your money"! He did and they left. The Mayor returned home and contacted the U.S. Reps to report that they need to do more to protect the border. Good luck to him. He says "I am supposed to go back, but I don't think so"!