Wednesday, November 14, 2007

do as jay do

Years ago, I heard Jay Leno, as part of his stand-up act, say that you should buy yourself whatever you bought for your parents. This he said would save untold amounts of time as you tried to explain to them over the telephone how to cook something in a microwave or stop the VCR from flashing "12:00" incessantly.

Over the years, this has proved to be excellent advice, saving an Everest of port sausage links from being turned into charcoal brickettes and enabling countless baseball games from going unrecorded.

And then there was TIVO.

There is no way to explain TIVO to a parent -- they either get it or they don't. My mom don't!

Just when you think you've gotten her pointed in the right direction and back to live TV, she'll press the TIVO button at the top pf the remote, probably because it's big and shiny. Once into the TIVO menu, she might as well be lost inside a Medieval maze.

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