Friday, November 16, 2007

Comments about comments

Moni left a comment about my post about the Here Comes the King jingle:
moni said...

Oh my yes, Anheiser-Busch is such a part of St. Louis as are the Cardinals. We use to ride out to Busch Farms and we'd see old man Busch riding his little horse drawn buggy down the road and this was before Busch Farms was open to the public. My uncle was a batboy for the Cardinals and my grandmother had large framed pictures of the Cardinal teams back in their very winning days. Good memories.

Grant's Farm, operated by Anheuser-Busch, is in St. Louis County. It's "ancestral home" of the Busch family. The important part ==> there are baby Clydesdales. Jim
Fuz questioned by claim to inventing the radio:

:P fuzzbox has left a new comment on your post "How I reinvented radio.":

Sure you weren't smoking anything?

Fuz, I didn't receive your package last week, be sure to include a Whataburger!!! Jim
Here's what Moni said about my question about babies dreaming, Moni major sweet:

moni has left a new comment on your post "do babies dream?":

I think they dream about food, mommy and kisses.

Nothing I can add to that! Jim
Foen commented on waiting for service people:

The Phoenix has left a new comment on your post "Do a little, crappy, charge a lot.":

It's not as bad as furniture or appliance delivery people. "We'll be there between 7AM and 7PM."

I will tell all about that day. Here's a hint -- he started at 9:30 AM and finally left at 10:45 PM. Jim
"Way past due" drew three comments:

sleepyrn has left a new comment on your post "way past due":

I was stopped last week on the way home from work. It was around 9pm and I was exceeding the posted limit by about 14 mph. Add to that I was in my husband's car and had NO earthly idea where he had his registration, insurance... The officer comes to the widow all ready to tell me the errors of my ways. He shines his light in and sees me in scrubs and my work ID badge and his whole attitude changed - instantly. He asked for my license, reg, ins... I told him I couldn't find the second two. When he came back with my license I was still rooting around.... He said not to worry about it - "no big deal", and just told me to slow down. SInce when is not having a registration card and proof of insurance "no big deal?" He said he wasn't worried so much about me but I was "encouraging the other drivers to speed also." We talked about my work for a few minutes and he sent me on my way.

Officers will not give tickets to nurses in uniform. I swear - it's true. I've had one officer tell me that they know that their life may be in our hands one day and they want them to be friendly hands.

The moral of the story is that everyone should drive around in scrubs and have a hospital ID.

sleepy, I only wear scrubs around the house haha

Metal Mark has left a new comment on your post "way past due":

I got a ticket once for turning on a red light. I was exhausted and not paying attention. That's the only ticket I have ever gotten.

Everyone who wants to turn MM into the cops raise your hand.

Amy in StL has left a new comment on your post "way past due":

My car attracts way too much attention for me to speed more than 9 MPH over the legal limit. Guys always ask me how I avoid getting in more trouble and I always tell them, "I pay for my own insurance." I leave out the part about being a cheapass.

Amy, what the hell do you drive, an Enzo Ferrari????? If so, I will marry you.
About ASCII self art, Stan wrote:

stan has left a new comment on your post "ASCII self art":

I can't quite make out the face. Is that Matt Damon or a young Frank Sinatra?

Stan, it's Matt Damon, from the Google News page, making it 60x50 distorted it some.


stan said...
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