Monday, April 02, 2007

The time-value of killing Jesse james.

April 3, 1882 - Jesse James (pictured) was shot in the back and killed for a bounty of $5,000.

At 5% compounded quarterly, the reward would be worth $2,491,643.75 today, ignoring taxes.

At 7.5%, the principal today would be $54,048,155.62.

At 8%, $99,782,845.68

12%, $13,109,386,170.96

16%, $1,643,007,907,898.34


    David Amulet said...

    Well how about that! That's enough to invent aa time machine and go back to do it.

    -- david

    Metal Mark said...

    I am guessing this math wasn't done by the salesman from the other week who couldn't figure out your calculator.

    The Phoenix said...

    Wow. He looks like a punk in that picture.

    Asta said...

    Thanks for writing this.