Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I came out from under my bed for this!

A Pig Spa -- "Soft music, vanilla-flavored shampoo, essential oils -- who doesn't like a scented bath and massage? Miss Minnie is getting it all. The thing that sets Miss Minnie apart from most spa-goers is that she's a pig."

Students Try to Poison Their Teacher -- Two Florida students were arrested on felony charges that they tried to poison their science teacher by pouring a fabric freshener into her soda.

Insurance Company Ordered To Pay $5,000 For Boy's Breast Reduction -- The father of the Hempstead, Long Island teen-ager argued that his son was teased by his peers and he never did anything that required him to wear a tee-shirt or where his breasts could be seen. He even refused to go away to college for fear his dorm-mates would tease him. [Being known as the "boy who had his breasts reduced" should take care of the teasing just fine!]


:P fuzzbox said...

From moobs to mini-moobs. His life should be all better. Sheesh.

The Phoenix said...

Why not just get a "manzziere" or "bro" for those man-boobs?

Jim said...

fuz -- he's still going to be a fat kid

foen -- ye watch way too much TV :)