Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Barcode Reality

Look at the really neat swimming suit (above) that arrived via FEDEX today! I thought that I would splurge a little and order one from

What? Doesn't look like a swimming suit to you? It must be, that's what the label (below) on the plastic bag says it is!


Metal Mark said...

Maybe it's reversible it's sort of a Transformers type of clothing that changes into a swim suit when you hit a button. Or maybe they just messed up.

The Phoenix said... did you order a Hawaiian boxer short or the shirt???

Jim said...

metal -- my guess: some 18 yr old who don't give a damn

foen -- I ordered the swimming suit (boxer short) -- the shirt they sent was a medium, when I called to tell them about the mistake I said I was flattered but had not fit into a medium since junior high school