Friday, April 27, 2007

Go play in traffic

The photo above is Mother Goose, literally!

We can only guess why Ma and Pa Goose would decide to nest right on the edge of the lakewall. Watch that first step kids!

She has five eggs, big eggs. She has to sit on the eggs about 30 days.

Papa Goose stays about 100 feet away, but comes is a flurry if she calls.

Rooty ignores her completely.


moni said...

How lovely Jim. I had forgotten that you had all that work done on your back yard and seawall. How you doing with your gazebo??

stan said...

It's fun to get near them to hear the male hiss like a mad cat.

The Phoenix said...

The Daddy stays smart of him.

Metal Mark said...

Glad to hear Rooty get a mention. You hadn't mentioned him in a while.

Jim said...

Moni -- they started on the back yard on October, and are still here!!!! the legal fees have notr cost more than the gazebo will, the Lake Board has a few more days and then we file suit.

Stan -- the male puts on a major show if anyone gets near ma goose -- as of today (Tuesday) she's still sitting.

Foen -- the the goose version of "I'll wait in the bar"

mm -- I'll post some crazy Rooty the Dog pictures soon