Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When I was young...

Poor people where I lived made their own ketsup -- today the exact same thing is called salsa!

You could tell where poor people lived because they had cedar shakes on their out-buildings. The farm houses originally had cedar shakes but, when they had enough money, poor people replaced the cedar with tin. Now, rich people have cedar-shake roofs.

My mother hated antiques. She considered them to be old furniture because, when she was growing up, all her family could afford was old furniture. (i.e., Hand-me-downs -- my toddler bed was already over 80-years old when I was a toddler. I still have it, in a closet.).

We were ahead of our time.


moni said...

I understand your mom. We toured Antigue shops in Iowa and I didn't like anything I saw. It all looked like "old" stuff to me. It was the kind of thing my grandmother had in her house. I think for things to be considered "Antique", they need to be at least 2 centuries old.

Jim said...

Moni -- I agree. The 100-years rule seems out of date since more things are made, and made more durable. I went to the far extreme -- everything I own is chrome and glass!