Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I guess this is what he is referring to...

TV preacher Pat Robertson said the quake in Haiti happened because the Haitians had made a deal with the DEVIL to gain their independence (in 1804).

I guess this is what he is referring to--Haiti is the only nation to have achieved independence by slave revolution.

Historical note: Many of the French colonists in Haiti fled with their slaves to Cuba. From there, they went to New Orleans, helping to ensure the city's French heritage.


moni said...

Pat Robertson is a nut. He talks just because he enjoys listening to himself.

The Phoenix said...

I understood what the crazy-man was saying, but it was obvious he twisted a historical event around to fit his religious agenda.

So will the Saints lose to the Vikings because of this "Devil's Pact" now?

Jim said...

Moni -- he owns gold mines in Zaire, says religion to me!

Foen -- I taught sports marketing for years, when I retired I lost interest in everything but Cardinal baseball -- I have met Bud Admans who owns the Titans.