Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My mother has no middle name!

Just like Harry Truman, my mother has no middle name. Harry had none because his parents thought it too papish. He got the "S" when he joined the army, it seems the army requires that you at least have a middle initial. In recent years it has become common for his name to be written "Harry S. Truman" -- this is incorrect and an insult to the man's religion.

My mother has no middle name, or initial, because she is one of 13 children and my grandparents got, you know, bored with the whole kid-naming thing. I have an uncle "Fidelious" and an uncle "Levern Edgar" -- let's face it, grandma and grandpa were just throwing darts at phone books by that time. Mother uses the first letter of her maiden name as her middle initial, I guess in case she ever decides to join the army.

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