Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Looking for that special bank robber or ax-murderer to fill the void in your life?

Well, the Dutch government has a website for you.

You can find the inmate of your dreams, and them inmates can find you.

Just fill in the usual WLTM info and not only do you get a new buddy behind bars but liberal conjugal visits.

The article does not say but, hey it's The Netherlands, your gender is probably not an issue.

It gives "Prisoner of Love" a whole new meaning. Sorry.


David Amulet said...

Wow. This is sad.

But it probably will get many times more hits than my site. Sigh.

moni said...

Those dutch really know how to party.

Jim said...

DA -- don't know about that, you're pretty dam cute! :)

Moni -- they might as well party, if global warming continues another couple years they'll all be underwater

:P fuzzbox said...

We had an inmate awhile back who's had received lots of mail from gay men on the outside. Besides mail the men were putting lots of money on his books. The inmate was telling the men that he was gay and was planning on meeting them when he got out. On going through another box of his property, it was filled to overflowing with Playboy's and Penthouse's. I guess it was one for the money and one for the show.