Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Goodbye Helena

Did you see where Montana has threatened to secede from the United States if the Supreme Court rules that the District of Columbia can ban handguns in homes?

Federal courts have always held that the Second Amendment applies to the states and not to individuals, thereby upholding the legality of state National Guard units ("state militias").

There an old rule in business that if an employee says "If you don't give me this I'm going to leave" the correct response is always "Goodbye and good luck" unless you are willing to let that person own you.

There is also a federal law against secession, passed after the Civil War, which was fought about that very issue.

I'm pretty indifferent about Montana, however, if we can keep all of Yellowstone, I say let them go. How many sheep do we really need? We'd have to loop I-94 through Wyoming and Idaho but they are nice places to visit anyway!

I'm not sure if Montana wants to become a country or be part of Canada. I don't know anything about Canadian guns laws and I really don't much care.

So to all the Montanans and sheep, good luck to you, just be careful you don't shoot yourself in the foot. For every IRS tax dollar collected in Montana, $2.17 comes back to the state. Missouri gets back $1.22. Illinois gets back $0.68!

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