Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cable Wars Part 2 of 3

I arranged for installation of a satellite TV system -- lets call it InDirecTV

-- the installer shows with only two of the needed receivers;
-- the installer leaves to go find two more receivers;
--the installer leaves because his 'find the right satellite gizmo' is not working;
-- the installer returned with a different 'find the right satellite gizmo;'
--it is now evening and the installer leaves to go play basketball, yes, that's correct, I'm not making that up, he left to go play basketball, he was wearing his basketball shorts when he came back, about 7:30;
--I've leaving some things out or this would be too long, the installer finally finished about 10:30PM;

--after about two hours of total use, and no recordings, the DVR receiver failed -- company sent a new one -- new one is much smaller than old one so the old one will not fit into the box that it 'has to be sent back in;'

-- replacement receiver will not work, system will not accept the included 'Receiver ID' -- on hold, on hold, on hold, on hold;

-- when I finally talked to someone I asked how much it would cost me to throw all of the receivers and dish into the lake, I was serious;
their receivers back, no problem, they would send boxes (oddly, they did not want the dish back, it's still on the roof);

-- four receivers, they sent two boxes. I called, on hold, on hold, transfer to return specialist, told him the whole story and he said 'they sent you the wrong 'Receiver ID' <-- DAH!

-- so, he would send the other two boxes, then I put two of the receivers in the two boxes that they sent;

-- only one of the return boxes contained a UPS shipping label, the other contained two sealing tape strips but no label;

-- on hold, on hold, "I was just talking to xxxxxxx, but I need another shipping label;

-- I had the service maybe three weeks, it took two weeks for them to get all of the proper boxes and labels to me.

Tomorrow, part 3, there is another satellite TV company...

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