Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cable Wars Part 3 of 3

So, then I called, lets say, Plate Network.

The guy came but he had the wrong receivers.

So he left.

Then he came back.

Then he says "You have phone jacks by each TV, don't you?"

I say "No."

"You have to have one for each receiver."

"There are no phone jacks near any of the TV's, plus the only land line is used by the burglar alarm system. No one said anything about phone jacks!"

"The sales person should have told you, you answered a flyer didn't you?"

"No, I called the 800-number on the Plate Network webpage, the official page. The lady said nothing about phone lines."

So, he calls his office and I talk to the manager. We go through exactly the same conversation. Finally, I say "That's it! I don't want it." I tipped the installer for his trouble and he left.

So, after having had three different TV systems in about four weeks period, I surrendered to the forces of the universe and called the cable company. They were glad to have me back, especially after I told them the whole satellite TV story, basketball game and all, and they gave me lots of free things.

So, once again I have cable TV, at least until the next truck knocks down the line and I once more cease to exist.

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moni said...

Well, we have Direct TV and we like it. However, our installer comes from Albuqurque and that is 235 miles away, way up north. Our internet dish installer came from Juarez, Mexico. Direct TV, always says "we will send you boxes so you can send these old receivers back", they never do and you end up with a lot of stuff. We have given untold number of dishes away along with old receivers. I once tried Comcast, but they kept increasing the rates for the same packages. Now I just sign up for everything and only use a fraction.
Still, I do enjoy Direct TVs selection and their HD programming.