Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reports of my death are somewaht exaggerated


I'm fine.

I've just been very busy.

I'm only home one or two days a week, and I seem to spend most of that time cutting grass.

I also hate new blogger, the way it does comments, and the way it loads page hits with Google searches.

Things will calm down soon, and I might move It's Jim to a social network.

Meanwhile, has the outcome of any sporting event in the history of the world ever been affected in any way by 40,000 people all yelling "Charge!" at the same time?


sleepyrn said...

I was starting to get worried. In your absence I have been completing every puzzle Jigzone has to offer - like I needed more things to waste my time! Thanks!

stan said...

I always wondered about "Charge" too. Also, singing "We Will Rock You". What's that about, anyway?

Welcome back. How's Rooty?

Amy in StL said...

I think I'm in love with the Grizzlies stadium in Sauget. At yesterday's game no-one participated in the stupid Charge thing or the clap your hands crap either. It's just beer and baseball and bad announcing!

moni said...

Glad to know that you are ok. Sometimes Blogger makes me nuts too. Enjoy your summer and if you move, let us know!

Metal Mark said...

Glad the aliens brought you back.