Friday, June 29, 2007

Can they drive and chew gum?

Have you noticed how many people have no idea where the front of their car is?

These are the folks at McDonald's who order but then only pull a half car-length forward because they have no clue how close they are to the car ahead.

They are also the folks who turn a left-turn lane meant for ten cars into a left-turn lane that only holds six or seven cars.

They'll be right up your tailpipe when your doing 80 on the freeway but then hover a car-length behind you at the signal at the end of the exit ramp.


stan said...

And don't forget parallel parking in a crowded neighborhood, when they manage to park three cars along a curb that will fit five, yet somehow leave no room for anyone else. I've been late for work more times than I can count because of that one.

David Amulet said...

Funny you should mention this -- the topic just came up for me yesterday when some assjack couldn't pull up far enough to let me around into a turn lane, despite the presence of more than five feet in front of his car. Grrr.

-- david

Jim said...

stan -- they have to leave room for two or three motorcycles to trap everyone (bikers have become a big thing in these parts)

da -- makes me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!