Wednesday, May 09, 2007

People Who Should Not Be Allowed To Vote - Part Duo

This is our continuation from yesterday of people who are too stupid to be able to drive and, therefore, should not be allowed to vote. That's our new rule.

Disenfranchised Group B

In this group are those drivers who are too stupid to comprehend, much less execute, the two-lane left-turn.

It seems pretty simple. There are two side-by-side lanes with big white arrows and "Only" painted on them. There are identical "Left Turn Signal" signs next to the equally identical green-arrow left-turn traffic lights. There is that hatched-line curving through the intersection. There are the two lanes of opposing traffic with their left-turn blinkers flashing like crazy. What is it these idiots don't see?

There are two major variations. The first is the driver in the leftmost of the two left-turn lanes who cuts across the hatched line and into or nearly into the other traffic turning left. I have seen drivers do this when that other traffic included a semi truck. Do they just not notice the, you know, really big truck moving along side their passenger-side window.

The second variation is the driver who needs to make a right turn as soon as he or she gets through the intersection but, for some incomprehensible reason, decides to use the leftmost of the two left-turn lanes. This means either cutting in front of someone and hitting the breaks or, my personal favorite, coming to a complete stop in the left traffic lane and then making a sharp right turn across the right lane to get where then needed to go. Drivers in the right lane who stop to let these nincompoops make an illegal turn should also loose the right to vote and have to listen to nothing but Sanjaya singing for a year.

Part 3 tomorrow.


Metal Mark said...

I switched jobs about a year ago and my commute is like 1/4 of what it was and far less traffic. I am glad because I don't miss some of the daily craziness I had to watch out for.

Jim said...

we should be allowed to use deer rifles to pick off those idiots who are driving and text-messaging at the same time