Tuesday, May 08, 2007

People Who Should Not Be Allowed To Vote - Part 1

If you are too stupid to be able to drive, and continually endanger everyone in close proximity to you, you should not be allowed to vote. That's our new rule.

Disenfranchised Group A

If you are so illiterate that you cannot read -- or so dense that you are not able to comprehend the meaning of -- those big signs that say "Right Lane Must Turn Right" then you should automatically forfeit the right to vote.

There is an intersection that I frequently go through in Missouri where one right-turn lane has three, yes three, Right Lane Must Turn Right signs, plus several large arrows painted on the asphalt, plus a Right Turn Only sign on the overhead traffic signal. Incomprehensively, at least one out of every three times through that intersection there will be some yahoo sitting in the right lane waiting for the right-turn arrow to turn to a green light, inconveniencing every other driver in that lane. Said yahoo will then go straight, either sideswiping the driver going straight in the, you know, going-straight lane or forcing that driver to swerve in to the path of opposing traffic in order to avoid the sideswipe!

I use the Missouri intersection just as an example -- there is an epidemic of right-turn lane clunkheads out there, inconsiderate slops, fender-bender menaces, who deserve neither to vote nor to walk upright.

Part 2 tomorrow.


The Phoenix said...

I always expect the guy over there to ignore all the signs. That way, I'm not side-swiped, nor am I too angry. I've come to expect such stupidity.

Every once in awhile, I am surprised, though.

stan said...

Whenever I'm in a dedicated turn lane, and I suddenly decide that I want to go straight instead, I'll still follow the turn and find a place to legally turn around later on. If it takes more time, so be it. I made my bed, now I've gotta lie in it.

Metal Mark said...

I voted once. It was a pain in the butt so I doubt I will ever vote again.

Amy in StL said...

Since I take Hwy 40 to work every day, I would like to include people who ignore the lane closure signs, arrows and billboards and wait until the last minute to merge into the open lanes. I suspect it's the same folks every morning....

Jim said...

foenx -- you've been desensitized to stupidity because of where you live :)

Stan -- or would you have to lay in it, I get so confused.

metal -- if you follow the instructions and put your ballot in the ballot box instead it would be less painful, and result in less chafing.

amy -- that's why they're closing Hwy 40, to punish those people.

moni said...

So, one time I moved from Texas to Illinois and there was so much snow on the roads that all I could do on my road test was to go right down the center of the road. The trooper testing me asked if I could find a driveway to turn into, I did and then we went back to the DMV. He passed me anyway, but didn't really see any special driving skills. Who knows who tests these idiots.