Thursday, May 03, 2007

Forward my mail to under my bed!

Rooty and I just went to McDonald's. Big surprise, huh? Actually the second time today and it's only four o'clock.

We went to the McDonald's on the far side of town. It's farther from the house but has a five-lane highway leading to it so it's faster.

There was a pickup truck ahead of us, with two guys having what appeared to be a very animated discussion. I eventually realized that they were indeed arguing, but in sign. I had a friend in Austin who taught at the School for the Deaf so I does know sign when I sees it! I also does know some of the dirty words.

The problems with two guys in a pickup truck going down the road arguing in sign is that the driver has to look at the other guy to see what he's saying. Every time he turned to his right, he also turned the steering wheel to the right, and drove out oto the paved shoulder. This weaving and arguing went on all the all through town.

With them safely out of the way we got out food, visited with the assistant manager for a few minutes at the drive-up window, and headed back home. We were the first car in a left-turn lane on the way back, just in time to see the lady drive through the intersection putting curlers/rollers in her hair using both hands. It was one of those wonderful moments when you feel connected to other people that you do not know as the woman in the car next to us, and the people in the two cars facing us, all turned our heads in unison to watch hair-girl roll past. There was a few seconds of common shared amazement and then the lights changed.

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