Friday, October 23, 2009

A week of yard work

I have been working in the year all week, except for yesterday when it rained alllllllllllllllllllllllll daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I am trying to sell my snow blower -- it has 6 forward speeds and two reverse -- but I need to have it serviced first.

My riding mower has two blades. They clank together when I start the mower so I have to have that fixed.

My power mower is self propelled but it just ain't propelling! That also needs to be fixed.

I paid a plumber to fix three plumbing problems. He charged me $485. Two of the problems he didn't actually fix.

I've had my car for 2 years. I just discovered that it has a voice-activated radio. That seems to me to the the most useless idea of all time. On the other hand, they should put trash compactors in cars -- little tiny trash compactors.

Mechanically yours,


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moni said...

Gosh Jim, you need a handyman ;)