Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The city has added a sidewalk to one of the streets near where I live. We have rural-type mailboxes so they left space between the curb and the new sidewalk for the mailbox poles. Oops, they didn't leave enough room for the, you know, mailboxes. The have had to turn them all sideways on the side of the street with the sidewalk. I don't know if the mailman in his little post office truck has to pull into each driveway. A closeup of one of the mailboxes is below. The street is still technically closed--I guess they don't want people to laugh at the funny row of mailboxes. Oops!


sleepyrn said...

One of the larger roads in my area was widened and repaved, new wheelchair accessible sidewalks...
After all the work was completed the mailboxes were replaced - DEAD CENTER in the sidewalks. No way in hell a wheelchair can get by them.

Does ANYONE think about what they are doing and whether it makes sense to block sidewalks that were just made wheelchair accessible????????

moni said...

Our town ofte makes such goofs. When I question it, they say "we just do not have the resources to fix it". So lame, so lame. :)