Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Here are the TV shows that were the most Tivo-ed (or other DVR-ed) in 2008. I see no pattern. The only one that I ever watch is House, and then it's hit and miss. I don't want to miss the episode where someone finally stabs him!

Ranked by Increase in Households
Rank Programs Network Difference in Households (000)
1 American Idol/Tuesday Fox 2153
2 American Idol/Wednesday Fox 1945
3 Heroes NBC 1832
4 Lost ABC 1793
5 Fringe FOX 1602
6 House FOX 1454
7 The Mentalist CBS 1445
8 Survivor: Gabon CBS 1396
9 Grey’s Anatomy ABC 1358
10 Bones Fox 1331
Source: The Nielsen Company

Here is a parial list of the programs that I have Season Passes for on my Tivo, in no particular order:

Cities of the Underworld.
Extreme Trains.
Jon & Kate plus Eight
Recently deleted Little People Big World because the one son is a bigot at the same time his parents are making money preaching peace, love, and understanding, but apparently only for little people.
Countdown with Keith Olbermann.
The New Adventures of Old Christine.
30 Rock.

Once again, I see no pattern.

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