Friday, August 01, 2008

Here' something for regular visitors...

Rooty is getting his hair back!

His "wire hair" color coat comes in first, which means he'll look like an over-sized Jack Russell terrier for a while.

Then his soft undercoat will come in and he'll be all fluffy and look like Rooty again.

(That's his Teddy Dog on the floor, he was playing with it when I bribed him
with some food to look up . And, yes, my carpeting is exactly the same as in your local Cineplex.)


moni said...

Yea, Rooty is getting his pretty coat back! He seems to enjoy having his picture taken, looking so pretty for the camera.

meagan said...

Oh. This answers my question I posted in a previous comment. And I bet as I continue reading I'll get another answer as to where his white hair went in the first place..