Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rooty Update

Friday of this week will be Rooty's fourth chemo treatment. He will have a total of 16.

The first treatment was no problem. In fact, the lymph nodes all went back to normal withing 36 hours. That alone is very encouraging.

Each week is a different drug. The Week Two chemo upset Rooty's stomach so we had to make a midnight run to the vet's. We are very lucky -- there is an actual animal hospital where we live -- it has 24 hour emergency care -- and a pharmacy -- and an actual pet oncologist on staff. Rooty had tummy problems for a couple days but nothing serious.

Last Friday was a drug that is milder, his doctor did not expect any tummy problems and there were none.

Rooty still loves going to the vet -- he still pushes the door open with his nose he is so anxious to get inside.

He also still plays as if he were a puppy, so not much has changed, except that I gave him a really bad, bad haircut.


Amy in StL said...

Thanks so much for the update. He's such a good boy to still love going to the vet! Does he know it's a bad haircut? My dog Rex used to give me the hateful glare if I screwed up his fur - but only after going outside. I think the squirrels made fun of him.

moni said...

Hugs and Kisses to Rooty.

The Phoenix said...

What a brave dog...sounds like he's got a long road, but it seems like Rooty's spirits are still up.