Monday, December 10, 2007


My new car has sensors that let you know when you're close to something. An option well worth having.

There are sensors on the front, and back, and sides.

When you get close to something, little trials of yellow lights start to appear. When you get too close, a red light appears and a buzzer starts. Each sensor has its own set of lights and a buzzer.

It's all a really good idea.

Except in an ice storm, since the ice covers the sensors.

Unfortunately, we're having an ice storm.

Rooty and I drove all the way through town with all of the sensor buzzers going off at the same time. People in Guam probably heard it!


sleepyrn said...

Maybe they are telling you that driving in an ice storm is not a good idea. Easy for me to say as I spent the day in shorts, t-shirt, and 80 degree weather!!

Amy in StL said...

I wondered what that sound was. We heard it downtown and just assumed Illinois had developed a slow leak.