Monday, February 01, 2010

Use some Monday time adding to this list!


The Phoenix said...

Wow. Lots of bombs there...and sadly, I saw a bunch of 'em. There are a few TV spin-offs I can think of that were pretty successful:

1) Frasier (Cheers)
2) Morky & Mindy (Happy Days)
3) The Jeffersons (All in the Family)
4) Laverne & Shirley (Happy Days)
5) Facts of Life (Different Strokes)
6) Good Times (All in the Family)
7) Melrose Place (90210)
8) Mama's Family (Carol Burnett)
9) Empty Nest (Golden Girls)
10) Xena (Hercules)
11) NCIS (JAG)
12) Wasn't 'Happy Days' a spin off of 'Love, American Style'???
13) The Simpsons (Tracy Ullman Show)
14) All the Star Treks and Stargate shows
15) CSI everywhere!

Jim said...

Foen -- I believe Happy Days was a spin off of the movie American Grafitti.

Here are two odd ones that I know of:

Mary Tyler Moore begot Rhonda, which spun off the Saturday morning animated series Carlton (the doorman).

Knots Landing was the original show bought by CBS -- some executive decided that the background that the background story of Gary Ewing (from the Ewings, a wealthy Texas family in the oil and cattle-ranching industries) would make a good miniseries--the TV series Dallas was a spinoff of that miniseries.

The Phoenix said...

I knew Happy Days was a spin off of something.

A couple spin offs they left out:

- Baywatch Nights (which somehow lasted 2 seasons)

- Matt LeBlanc had the misfortune of being on two horrible spin offs: Joey (Friends) and Vinnie & Bobby (Married w/ Children)

- Time of Your Life (Party of Five)

- Scott Baio might have crashed and burned w/ 'Joanie loves Chachi', but he was in that show Diagnosis: Murder, which was a spin off of 'Jake & the Fatman' which was a spin off of 'Matlock.'