Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Life has passed me by, Part 23

My car went in last week for its annual oil change. I had a loaner car. It was a new model with just a few miles. It had no gas cap, just some kind of contraption that you stick the nozzle into. Who knew such things existed?

Am I the only one on the planet who did not know that Microsoft no longer sold Money? I used Money for years but switch to Quickbooks because it will print deposit slips. They killed Money!

Pennies, which I assumed were made of copper, are actually 97.5% zinc, but nickels are 75% copper. I'm so confused.


moni said...

You are too young to remember this Jim, but during WWII, pennies were made of lead, they were not copper colored but looked like lead. After the war, the lead pennies were coated with a copper colored coating. If you look at the edge of a nickle, you can see the copper. That's it, all I can add to the subject, lol

janejimp said...

WWII pennies were actually made of steel coated with zinc but looked like lead and were referred to as "lead pennies". The 1943 coins are now worth $.25 to $.50--wish I had a couple thousand of them instead of just a dozen or so!