Thursday, April 09, 2009

This is new...

Have you ever noticed that most drivers use their right hand to hold their cell phone. That's right, they use their most dexterous arm for the least important purpose. Conversely, most are using their least dexterous arm for the most important activity (i.e., driving the car).

Today, I saw a driver holding her cell phone with her right hand -- but she was holding the phone to her left ear.

Try it. It's awkward and it's impossible to turn your head to the left (as you might want to do it you are making a left turn).

Then the fun began!

[NOTE: This will be the last post until Monday, April 13th.]


sleepyrn said...

I guess I'm the odd ball. I hold the phone with my left hand. I try to hold it with my right but always end up switching it within minutes - it's awkward.

Jim said...

I know someone who clicks SPEAKER and puts her phone on top of her head, and not just when she's driving.