Monday, March 30, 2009

Is it Coke or Pepsi?

Most people cannot tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi in a blindfold taste test. (Blindfold yourself and try it before you tell me you're the exception. The key word if blindfold.)

I have always felt the same way about cooked carrots and cooked sweet potatoes. They look the same and they taste the same -- and if you melt marshmallows on cooked carrots they're exactly the same.

Ditto for chicken salad and tuna salad.


Amy in StL said...

I don't know about soda; but carrots taste like dirt and sweet potatoes taste like heaven. Any my mom can tell the difference between tuna salad and chicken salad. Good thing too; the latter makes her puke

Jim said...

Amy -- you must wash the carrots prior to eating!

[Notice: Do not invite Amy's mom to pot luck dinner!]

sleepyrn said...

Don't drink colas so I'm gonna have to give you that one. But if your carrots taste like Sweet Potatoes you WAAAAY over cooked the carrots and then probably added something sweet to them - brown sugar? I love carrots (just a little butter) and hate sweet potatoes - much too sweet and mushy.

There is NO WAY that chicken salad and tuna salad taste the same. I don't what you add to them they will be different. VASTLY different.

Willow said...

Are you missing some taste buds? Do you smoke? Are you on a medication that makes you lose your sense of taste? Maybe you should see a doctor, this could be a problem.