Friday, October 03, 2008

"By the way... you are either sick and twisted or you have a sick and twisted imagination!"

The headline is from an email from the fellow who is proofreading my novel. A few people die in the novel. Okay, a bunch die. And it full of explatives -- that will shock regular visitors!

More about the novel tomorrow, today's topic is

I just stumbled upon elance. It is a site where you post a description of a project and people from all over the world can bid on it.

I have listed four projects: two programming and two proofreading. I had three responses to the programming project and eleven responses to the proofreading projects. I awarded both programming projects to the same company in Calcutta, how cool is that? One proofreading project was by invitation only and it was awarded to the fellow who is quoted in the headline. The other is still open.

And then there is this guy -- Tim Ferriss -- who wrote a book about outsourcing his life. It was #1 New York Times. The book is The 4-Hour Workweek; his website is I mention him because, among other things, he outsources both his work and personal life. On his webpage, click on Book, then on Sample Chapters >Outsourcing Life. About half way down he tells about using his "remote personal assistant" to compose and send messages to his wife. That's right, he's outsourced talking to his wife.


The Phoenix said...

Outsource his life??? I have to read up on that one.

Hey, I can do some proofreading as well. Or at the very least, lend a critical eye to your manuscript.

Jim said...

foen -- sorrry, I'm outsourcing the writing comments on comments, I've put you out for bids

stan said...

If your pen name turns out to be Jim Bracklespear, I am going to laugh until I pee.

Jim said...

Stan -- how many times do we have to tell you, stop peeing up wind!

Stan lives in oronogomo, the wind never stops blowing.

I had forgotten about that post! For those of you who don't know, Stan has the Internet memorized and he owns 1/3 of all domain names. :)

pure evyl said...

I doubt very seriously that I could get anyone to take up the job of talking to my wife. But then again there is a sucker born every minute.

Jim said...

evyl LOL

moni said...

I need to outsource my bank account so that it balances every month. I guess that would be the bank?

Jim said...


"I hear you girl!"*

*I'm in Illinois, we're all required to talk like Oprah