Thursday, August 09, 2007

David Beckham made his long-awaited Major League Soccer debut Thursday

"The sellout crowd of more than 46,686 at RFK Stadium let out a thunderous roar as the 32-year-old English midfielder with the tender ankle stripped off his warmup jacket and T-shirt, displaying his bare chest in a steady rain." [Source: USA TODAY]

Did you really expect this guy to remain fully clothed?
This today from "In the end, the 46,000 plus went home happy. They got to see Becks' debut, they got to see him take off his shirt not once, but twice (and then again when he swapped jerseys with United captain Ben Olsen), and they saw United get an important three points. Now the test will be whether United can get those fans -- the average attendance is around 17,000 -- to pay for a return visit when Beckham is not in the house."
Pixie said...

EWWW nasty!

Pix here's a pix from the game just for you:


Pixie said...

EWWW nasty!

moni said...

Yeah, I don't get it with that guy either. He's nice enough looking if he kept all his clothes on. His wife is pretty.